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 [Game] Take? or dont take?

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[Game] Take? or dont take? Empty
PostSubject: [Game] Take? or dont take?   [Game] Take? or dont take? Icon_minitimeThu Feb 19, 2009 10:02 am

Welcome to take or dont take! This game is a bit like deal or nodeal but different. :P
Heres the aim of the game: Awnser the questions assigned to your username. If you awnser questions correctly i will offer you a random amount of tickets. (between 100/500) You can loose all the tickets if you get a question wrong. Here are the usernames ready for play right now:

Secret Agent 007:

Q: What date did secret penguins open?

Q: What date did you become a admin?

Q: What smilie is cents smilie?

Q: What does "James" do in the blog?


Q: Who was the admin with you on the old secretpenguins?

Q: When is the 2009 launch date for secretpenguins?

Q: What smilie is "teaters?"

Q: How many smilies in total are tehre?


Q: When did the blog open?

Q: What does "cent" do on the blog?

Q: What is secret agent 007's current avatar?

Q: What is the most used thread tag?
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[Game] Take? or dont take?
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